In the Queue

Thank you all, for art's sake!  As discussed, my capacity is limited to six paintings per year @ $50.00 per square foot.  The following is a list of works in the queue.  Your patience with and valuation of the creative process is sincerely appreciated.
  1. "The House of the Rising Sun II" (36x48", landscape)
  2. "In re Headlights" (24x36", portrait)
  3. "All the Kings Men" (4 in total @ 36x48" ea., portrait)
  4. "Entirely, Completely" (36x48", portrait)
  5. "Snakehead Monsterface"(60x36", portrait)
  6. "Ballon Headed Man" (60x48", landscape)
  7. "The Grosvenor-Strathmore" (60x40" portrait)
  8. "Life, the Beach" (72, 60", landscape)
  9. "Empty Suits" (4 in total @ 36x48" ea., portrait)
  10. "Into Gear" (24x36", portrait)
This list will be updated quarterly for the benefit of the queue.  Additional inquiries are always welcome.    

~Dedicated to the inherently artistic and dramatic value of comic books.