Memories Eternal, The Roaring Lion

Second in a series of commissioned paintings by Matthew Leaper (ML) under a “Memories Eternal” theme inspired by the people, places, and things that shape our lives.  This piece – “The Roaring Lion” – was created in homage to 1 Peter 5:8-9.  It will be on display in Omaha, NE.   Actual size of 36x48".  Prints are available at www.ImageKind.com.  

The Roaring Lion by Matthew Leaper

The Roaring Lion, 2011 © Matthew Leaper

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On Law School Outlines

Abstract: Paragraphatize, or To Outline by Prethinking and Predrafting is a strategy for law school outlines.  It advocates a process for moving the traditional, bulleted outline into an assemblage of paragraphatized Rule-Explanation statements for ready insertion during the exam period; with paragraphatize defined as the process of assembling bullets into paragraph answers that naturally occurs during the exam in response to the Issue presented.  Logic being, that if this step is necessary for all questions answered in IReAC format, and it can be manifested in anticipation of likely questions, then why not draft and cite the available likely options in advance to maximize the amount of available, fact specific Analysis and Conclusion time during the exam.

This post is a follow up for those who have been introduced to this concept verbally.  My preference is to include a simple example wherever possible; ergo...

Lastly, as with all posts, please consider the legal wording herein in the context of an illustrative sample of the concept of contrasting outlining styles.  

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Matthew Leaper, Resume

Updated April 12, 2013.

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