Duality of Man Series, 5 of 15

Fifth in a series of 15 paintings by Matthew Leaper (ML) under a "Duality of Man" theme that was inspired by the human contradictions that define our experience.  This piece - Middle Class Creatives - represents the struggle of the creative mind to overcome the common grounds of survival we must face to reach the golden sunrise we strive for.  The art has been made available via www.ImageKind.com; please click on the picture for details.

Middle Class Creatives by Matthew LeaperMiddle Class Creatives, 2010 © Matthew Leaper

~Dedicated to Edvard Munch.


Life Cycle Homes, LC002

Second in a series of seven concept homes to be developed under the "Life Cycle Homes" brand of minimalist designs with ultra low operating costs and a 100 year design life. This plan - LC002 - is a 600 sqft residence that offers a king size bed, 10.5' ceilings, and built in storage. Targeted cost for a completed structure is $60,000 or $100.00 per square foot. Here is a rendering of the design. 

Along with a summary of the design principles:

The end goal is a model for urban infill projects that creates social value by maximizing the density of existing developments. This goal reinforces sustainable design principles by expanding the local tax base, and therefore local resources, at little or no additional public works expense.  

~Dedicated to subtraction.