One Number Theory

Every action can be represented mathematically and deduced into a single number - 1 or 0 - as the basis for choice.

Every choice drives a new set of circumstances, which may also be represented mathematically, and thus also may be deduced into a single number - 1 or 0.

Decisions of 1 or 0 are made by relative comparison. Pros and cons are weighed in varying degree until a majority leads to a decision; intentions are infinitely variable, actions are invariably finite. The relativity of Pros and cons may also be represented mathematically as a derivative of the decision itself.

Various degrees of relativity may be obtained by comparison of three basic forms of data:

1. Objective data from life activities, e.g., spending habits, exercise, diet, ect...
2. Objective data from self determined goals for life activities
3. Objective data from life activities of a statistically relevant peer group

Insight from the visual display of an enhanced relativity provides a superior perspective for making future decisions. Over time, habitual leverage of this perspective increases life trajectory by a number we shall call Theta.

Theta is a one number display of your life's momentum for any time (t). It is measured by the statistical comparison of who you are, versus who you want to be, versus who you could be. Visually, it may be represented as a positive or negative angle on a sinusoidal life line.

The One Number Theory provides a means for improving Theta over any time (t).

~Dedicated to www.onenumbertheory.com